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Available - George

Basic Info:

Location: New York (Ithaca area)         

Age: 3 years     

Color: Blue Merle

Sweet George is one of the quirkiest fellows you could ever meet. Pretty much everything he does is on his terms. George came into foster with a lot of sensitivities and on anti-anxiety medications. Through the gentle and consistent environment provided by his foster home, George has come around on many of his initial hurdles and phobias. If you are a person who can allow a dog to be whomever they are, on any given day, however they present themselves, are able to put your own feelings aside and truly observe what a dog needs, then read on. If you want a snuggle bug of a dog that you can squeeze and cuddle, George is not for you.

If you are still reading then let's break down all that is George (and, by the way, he is a very special little unicorn):

George's view on other dogs - George is not interested in the companionship of other dogs. He is in foster with a younger energetic Cardigan and both dogs have learned boundaries and how to respect each others space. There have not been any issues, however, another dog that did not respect George's boundaries would most likely result in an altercation. When out and about on his daily adventures, George finds strange dogs a hit or miss game. Sometimes he likes them, sometimes not. Size does not seem to matter. George has had interactions with a Golden Retriever that is part of his extended foster family and they did fine. George would have the best opportunity at success without any other pets where he could completely relax.

George's view on activity - George loves walks and currently gets out twice a day for 30 minute jaunts. At home he loves toys, especially retrieving tennis balls. He brings them back and drops them so the game can continue. He never uses his mouth on people during play time. He can get a bit obsessive and forget to take a breather. At this point toys can be put away and he will switch off and chill out.

George's view on adults - George loves adults. With his people he is engaged, likes to follow them around and snoopervise. He is happy to see his foster fam in the morning and hops up in bed to hang out. At the foot of the bed. Do not read this as snuggle time. It's checking in with my peeps time because it's a new day. George is pretty happy to meet new adults and very sociable. When George came into rescue he greeted his transporters like old friends (we all fell in love... Team George).

George on kids - HARD PASS. George in not overly fond of children. His foster has worked on desensitizing him and he is much better. Children do stress him out so his new home should not have children, grand children, neighbors kids who want to run up and smother the cute stubby legged blue dog. This is non-negotiable, please and thank you says George.

George on training - Gentleman George is perfect on lead and has impeccable manners. He know all basic commands and a few tricks as well. He is incredibly intelligent and tuned in. He has good recall and loves when you include him in conversations. For his people, he is all ears... and they are quite grand ears by the way.

George on health and fitness - This young chap is super healthy, neutered and completely up to date on vetting. He suffered an injury to one of his front paws as a puppy and had to have surgery. Since then he has become overly sensitive to having his feet touched. He is a tiny little man and is now at a perfect weight of 29 pounds. George was on anti-depressants when he came into  rescue. He has been fully weaned off of them and is not on any meds at this time. That may or may not change but so far he is doing well without them.

George on grooming - HATE IT! Along with all other great strides George has made in foster, he is alright with being brushed but darn those feet! George must be muzzled to have his nails trimmed. Cardigans in general have sensitive feet and George's prior injury seems to have added to that.

In conclusion, it must be said that George is truly a very special dog. Whomever is lucky enough to share their life with him, you will be getting a highly intelligent, communicative and lovely friend. He really is sweet in his own way and in the right home can only continue to flourish.

If you are interested in George, and are willing to do meet and greets, please submit your application to Karen Smith at .


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