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Name:    Frankie

Location: Indiana             

Age: 2 to 3 years

Available date:    July 22, 2022         

Color: Merle

Kids: YES

Cats:    NO           

Dogs:   ONLY FEMALE           

Rodents: NO   

Fowl: NO

Leash trained:    Yes       

Crate Trained: Yes and likes to sleep in one

Special Diets: NO

Special Markings:  Cardigan Welsh Corgi with Docked Tail

Behavioral alerts: High Prey Drive, male aggressive


Obedience Commands:

Sit: YES       

Down: YES       

Stay: NO   

Come: Varies   

Recall: NO


Frankie was found as a stray and had been attacked by another dog. Frankie injured his back at some point during his walkabout.  He will always have some restrictions to avoid re-injuring his back.  He will be on supplements for his back and these supplements will need to be maintained for the life of the dog.  The back injury does not impede or restrict his ability to do anything he wants, even if he shouldn’t.  It was explained that non preservation breeders in that area will dock a Cardigan Welsh Corgi tail for increasing market value.  Frankie has a docked tail. 


About Frankie:

Frankie is completely house trained.  He will lay his head in your lap for scratches and become increasingly demanding – that is how you know he needs out.  He loves to carry a ball but returning it is not on his agenda.  He plays with toys by himself, eats bones, and his kibble without effort.  

Frankie loves to smile and share his smile with everyone.  He doesn’t even require treats to smile, smiling is just what he does. 

Frankie will make a great edition to a home.  He LOVES kids.  He lays with them on the floor and in their lap to watch TV and any food that drops for his Hoover skills to be kept up to date.  Frankie loves being in the yard to run with them and watch them, as a perfect guardian should. 

Frankie is a young dog who has chosen his job to chase anything that runs from him: cats, birds, snakes, rabbits, voles, etc. His prey drive is so great and ramps up his need to chase that he can forget you are there and may snap if surprised or startled while he is in hunt mode.  Frankie has never made contact but please understand that this prey drive cannot be ignored and must be guided and managed.  He would really enjoy Fast Cat or Coursing sports that are out there where he can focus his prey drive in an appropriate and managed environment. 

Frankie is a great house/Apartment dog.  Given his choice being in your lap or laying at your feet is more important than anything else.  He loves to walk and see new things, with little to no pulling on the leash (unless he sees something to chase).  He goes out quickly, does his business and then comes back in ready for breakfast and sitting on the couch watching TV with you. He is sure to vocalize as soon as he is done, so you have time to grab that morning drink. 

Frankie understands to kennel up for sleep and the occasional time out (we have a cat).  He wants to be with you all the time.  Apparently, there is nothing that can be completely successfully without him to supervise it.  Frankie spends overnight and several hours a day in his crate without complaint.  He is not an early riser; he would rather sleep until 9am.  

It is suggested that Frankie has a friend to run and frolic with, but it is NOT required.  He is a great single dog, as long as his person is with him.  We have noticed that Frankie at first glance doesn’t care about other male dogs, until they make a sound and then he attacks without notice.  He will not ever get along with a male dog in his world.  Frankie needs a job and more training.  He is smart and quick to learn, If you wish to take Frankie to classes please be aware that he will need a muzzle to avoid any unwanted confrontation.  

If you are interested in adopting Frankie, please submit your application to Heidi Kilgore at cwcnrtrephkilgore@gmail.com