Claire was turned into rescue by her owner in November 2005.  Claire had sustained a back injury in 2000 that left her with very poor use of her hind legs.  At age 10.5, Claire found herself looking for a new home but already had two strikes against her with her older age and mobility deficit.  We took Claire into our home and she quickly captured our hearts with her strong spirit and will to overcome her handicap.  Claire is now in physical therapy and can just about keep up with our other dogs.  Claire has found her new forever home here with us.

Karen Cagnard, NY CWCNRT Volunteer


Jeff was turned in with his sisters, Gem & Nye (both adopted).  He has a wonderful personality and temperament.  He is a sweet, happy, bouncy, playful boy.  He is eager to please and learn, and shows his appreciation with lots of affection.  Jeff is good with other dogs and enjoys running and wrestling with four-legged playmates.  He equally enjoys playtime with people too - chasing balls, toys of all kinds, walks and having a lap to sit in. 

Jeff has found a new home!


Hi all!  Austin (now renamed Odis) was welcomed home in Cypress by his two new housemates:  Sherman (10 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi) and Earnest (4 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi) and Fudge, our Halfling (cattle dog/corgi cross) who is being fostered for a local rescue group.  Everyone is trying to find their new place and I think it is working out well (at least for day 2).  Odis is already signed up for an obedience class in mid September and we have already started practicing heeling and come.  We hope to start some herding later this fall when temperatures finally start to dip below miserable.
Jackie Langford


We had the honor of Edgar (Edgar Allen Paw) joining our family in April 2005. He came to us from Lynn Stoltzmann who had been fostering him since approximately January. We already had one Cardi - Bella, who had just turned 4 years old. We wanted to get another dog before she got much older. Before going back to Bella's breeder, I thought I would check the rescue site, just in case. After filling out the application and giving our references, we were thrilled when Lynn said she had a nine-month old puppy, Edgar, who needed a home. He could be ours, if all went well when we all met. She wanted to make sure both my husband Mike and I, along with Bella, were a good fit with him. Imagine our joy when the two dogs seemed to take to each other immediately. Bella was a little surprised by the puppy exuberance of Edgar, but she got into it pretty quickly. And he took to us and we to him. Love at first sight for us.

It's hard for me to understand the thinking of the people who gave him up, but I'm happy for our sakes. He is such a joy! Bella is a bit aloof - she likes being around us and wants to be included in everything, but she's not particularly affectionate - unless it comes to belly rubs or she's tired out. I've been told she's got a typical female dog attitude. But Edgar - he's just a lover from the word go. He's such a goof-ball, runs constantly like the energizer bunny. And he is so eager to please. The two of them play constantly. It's been great for Bella - we were having trouble keeping her weight down and now she's in great shape. And she's a much happier dog having a companion, especially during the day.

Edgar has already attended a session of obedience, where he did really well and one session of agility. We're hoping to do more of the agility since he loves to run. And we may try some flyball, if a class is offered through our training center again. He wants to please so much, and just zeroes in on what you are saying and doing. Plus Lynn had worked with him while she had him, so he came to us with a strong basis of obedience and agility. Both dogs go to doggy daycare one day a week, so that they keep up their socialization skills with other dogs. Outside of their occasionally trying to herd the other dogs together, they do really well there.

Edgar has had no trouble adapting to our two cats, and to the many family members and friends who have come to meet him. In August we spent a week at my sister's home in Northern Wisconsin on a lake. He had his first boat rides and swimming, and took to it like he'd been doing both all of his life. My sister's place is dog heaven. It's in the middle of the woods and they can run around off leash, chase squirrels and have a high old time. He was a bit anxious on the ride up. I think he was afraid he was being taken to a new home. Once he knew we were staying with him, he was okay.

I am so grateful for Cardigan Rescue, and Lynn, for bringing Edgar into our lives. It seems like he's been here forever. And to be honest, not having to go through the puppy training and the nighttime potty trips has been great. Cardi puppies are the cutest things in the world, but so much work.

Thanks again for letting us bring Edgar into our home.

Edgar being "kid tested" in
his foster home

Edgar (left) with friends on a fundraising walk for hurricane victims.


I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and help in trying to help me find my parents a new Cardigan. The sweet little tricolor that came to their house yesterday, thanks to Deb Wolfe, is absolutely a perfect match for them. I stopped over on my way home from work, and they were just so excited to have him. He still has some puppy in him, which is so adorable. I told them to enjoy that time b/c it doesn't last long! They already told me to sign them up for obedience classes where I teach at, too. (It will start in September.) His new name is Winston (was Coal). What a fine young dog. How lucky did we get???!!!!! My parents could not be happier!

Thank you so very much. All your hard work in trying to help the Corgi breed does not go unnoticed.

Becky Toner


Boo (formerly known as Dude) is a five year old black and white male owner turn in. He, along with his dog companion, were the fallout from their owner's divorce. While at the shelter, his doggie friend was adopted, but unfortunately he was not part of the package. When he was picked up by his foster family, he was a very sad and quiet young man. At least until he arrived at his foster home and saw all the other cardigans. He immediately perked up seeing so many dogs just like him!

Boo has adopted a lovely family in Mountain Home, Arkansas. There is mother Katie, daughters Emily and Claire. He has also adopted nephew Zach. All of them agree that Boo is the perfect dog for them and Boo obviously feels that they are perfect for him.


Val came into rescue just 2 weeks after I lost a very special Cardigan.  My Bernie was almost 14 when he suddenly left us so it was easy to find a place in my heart and home for an old dog with health issues that no one else was likely to adopt. Val's owner found him on the street in 1998 and gave him a home. Now Val's owner was in need because he tragically has terminal brain cancer. That also made it easy for me to help and do my part. Val is such a sweet brindle boy and easy to live with, the old ones usually are. We think he is about 12. From his lab work the signs tell us that he also likely has cancer and we will love him and care for him for as long as he has left here.

I want to thank the other volunteers who helped make this rescue happen :
Ruth Nichols, who made a visit to evaluate Val and then transported him
to another volunteer, Mary Jo Walker. Mary Jo then brought him to me.
Thank you ladies !

Rita Hellegers - FL CWCNRT Volunteer


These two sisters were rescued from a shelter in Jefferson City, TN in early September 2005, along with their brother Jeff (also adopted).  They were estimated to be between 1-3 years of age.  Gem was born without a hind leg but it never stops her from running like a normal dog.  With such bright personalities, it was hard to understand why they were in a shelter. 

Both girls were adopted together and are now living with their new family.

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