Male (neutered)- Age 11
Color: Red & White
Location: Indiana
Contact: Heidi Kilgore at cardi@cardisoflanakila.com

Rinni is a stud dog from a puppy mill. A quiet and cautious dog we know that coughing and loud noises startle him, and we suspect it is from his previous abusive situation. Rinni was released to rescue because the couple who initially adopted him have life changing circumstances that restrict them from giving him the best care.

Rinni is a sweet and loving dog. He loves to run and play with the puppies in our home, and is the first to greet us in the morning. Rinni is not talkative, nor does he bark. Rinni loves to lay in the sun and soak up the warmth. You can look at the window and find him playing with the puppies or cleaning the ears and eyes of the other dogs. Rinni loves it when the grandkids come over. 5 and under he follows them around and keeps them out of trouble. When they slow down and sit he crawls in their laps for some love.

Rinni is leash trained, and crate trained. He enjoys his spa days, and his groomer always sings his praises. He loves to be cleaned and the process of being clean. He loves his nails done and the blow dryer. Rinni has been taken to a groomer on a regular basis.

Rinni wants a pack, a strong pack with a strong leader. He gets along with all our dogs, male, female, old, young. He doesn’t want to be a leader and doesn’t challenge his place. Rinni will let you know when he has to go out. Rinni is crated at night in our home and when we leave, otherwise he is in the yard or in our living room.

Watching Rinni run and play you would never know he was 11 years old. He behaves like he is 3 or 4 most of the time. Rinni has a bed and all of his vet records. He has a bag of personalized belongings from his former family, and the former family is in touch with us checking on his progress and making sure we don’t need anything. You can tell he has been well loved and cared for.

The only hold over from his puppy mill days is Rinni’s neurotic behavior about food. To avoid these behaviors food is NEVER prepared in Rinni’s presence and Rinni MUST be fed in a crate. You cannot feed Rinni treats or others treats with him in the room. We do not eat in front of Rinni. We have created clearly defined boundaries surrounding food and Rinni. There can be no deviation of this protocol to guarantee Rinni’s success in a new home.

Rinni has arthritis and is on daily pain killers that run less than $20 dollars a month. Rinni is also on holistic supplements that help with the inflammation available on Amazon. His neck is the sorest so we use a soft yarn leash (included) made just for him. He as been treated with acupuncture, chiropractic and other holistic methods.

Rinni recently had his teeth cleaned and a couple of extractions. He has a small growth on his tongue that needs to be monitored but has not shown any cause for concern.

If you are interested in adopting Rinni, please fill out our application and email it to cardi@cardisoflanakila.



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