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Male (neutered)- Age 7
Color: Red & White
Location: Indiana
Contact: Heidi Kilgore at

Dude is a clown. A real comic he smiles and uses his body to communicate his needs and love. Dude loves to run and play, chasing you around the yard. Dude absolutely loves children, babies and all humans who will touch him and play with him. Dude will talk to you when he is ready to go out and potty or at every meal time, just in case you forgot to feed him.

Dude spends a lot of time running around the yard with the grandchildren (5 and 4). Dude follows them around and crawls into their laps when they slow down and sit. Dude does not play with toys but will roll on his back for that perfect belly rub. Dude walks on a leash and when he is done he just falls over on his side (imagine cow tipping) and smiles at you for a belly rub. Dude is entertaining, loving and a young adult who wants a home, a couch and will try to convince you that walking is not important.

Dude is leash trained, and crate trained. He enjoys his spa days, and his groomer always sings his praises. He loves to be cleaned and the process of being clean. He loves his nails done and the blow dryer. Dude has been taken to a groomer on a regular basis. Dude came into rescue at 60lbs and is now down to 40. Dude has hip dysplasia that is controlled and treated to not impact his quality of life at this time. Dude was released to rescue do to his dog aggressive nature. Dude has not been abused or neglected.

Dude’s hip dysplasia is under control. Dude has a combination of chemical and holistic to control the inflammation and paid. The cost is under $50 dollars per month. Dude has full mobility, is able to walk and run. He jumps into the van when allowed (which we don’t) and on the couch and such. Dude loves his food and it has to be monitored to maintain his weight and maintain the high quality of life he has attained.

Dude recently had his teeth cleaned and a couple of extractions. There are no concerns for Dude’s oral health or any other health issues.

Dude does not like other dogs and has not been tested with other animals. His aggressive nature happened later in life. Dude is not to be trusted with other animals. Dude can go to a home with children and adults, but not to a home with other animals.

Dude is available immediately. Please fill out the application and email it to cardi@cardisoflanakila.



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